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Bob is our protector of all. If anything is happening on the Farm he is sure to let us know about it. With his huge ears and soft nose, he is a fan favorite with the kiddos. Bob was donated to our program in 2020 as a 6 month old colt. Bob was originally Lola May until it was discovered that Lola was actually a male.


Cocoa is a Welsh pony born in 2010 and has a history of attending birthday parties as a party pony for kids’ rides. She joined our team in 2017 and has been such a wonderful addition. She has a kind and caring personality and wants to personally “meet” each kiddo she works with. Her smaller stature makes her less intimidating for some of our very little riders. But don’t be fooled, that little pony has a lot of sass in her body and she is not afraid to show it. Cocoa also has aspirations of starring in unicorn pictures with our special needs friends. 

Cocoa Puff

Cocoa Puff is a former 4H pony donated by a family to us in early 2020. He is a perfect sized horse for kiddos who are in need of lots of movement, patience and fun. He is level headed and can work with just about anyone! His glorious mane and forelock are an iconic part of Iron Horse fashion. Keep an eye on him as he can predict future fashion trends for hair! Cocoa Puff is owned by the Haun Family and we are so blessed to have him. 


Freya is a registered quarter horse mare born in 2015. She joined the team at the end of 2021 and is owned by our barn manager Tori. She spends most of her time advancing her training with Tori but is welcomed into the team as a great horse for movement. Freya's sassy walk facilitates extensive movement for the patient. Freya is happy with her home here at Iron Horse as it means lots of treats, turnout when she wants and with aggressive head shakes and tail whips she gets to come back in when she desires to.


Cooper joined our team in 2019. He was donated by a kind family in Northern Colorado who used him like a barrel horse. Cooper’s barrel career ended due to a hoof injury preventing him from running without getting lame. Cooper loves his new job working with kids and especially loves kids brushing him and spending time with him. Cooper has an oral fixation and loves to play with everything with his mouth, he might benefit from some OT or Speech therapy for his oral fixation!


Cookies n’ Cream was our first therapy horse. She was raised by Taneal as her mother was Taneal’s first horse. Cookies were born in 2000 and despite her age is still a well-loved therapy horse here at the farm. Cookie's favorite food is candy canes and feels that she no longer has taken a liking to help patients who are emotionally invested in riding her for therapy.


Toby is a Norwegian Fjord and brings a big personality. With a head the size of a draft and the height of a QH we are so happy to have Toby as a part of our team. If you hear some loud hooves it is probably Toby bringing his big personality your way. His owner Gabi saw the potential he had to be a therapy horse and came looking. She found us and Toby agrees that she made a good choice. 


Captain is a very sweet mustang owned by The Willis Family. Captain joined our team in 2022 and is loved as a steady mount for anyone! Cap prefers a little slower pace and his riders here at Iron Horse understand that well. In his off time, you can find him napping in the sun or playing in the pasture. 


Tucker was born in Sept 2021 and came to our farm to become a therapy dog. Each day he gets to run and play with our animals, wrestle with the cats and say hello to all the kiddos. As Tucker grows up he will be learning how to comfort and interact with our therapy patients. Tucker is owned by our barn manager Tori and enjoys his off time hogging the couch and playing with his best dog friends.