Iron​​ H​orse ​The​rapeutic Farm

Our Story 

O​ur Story

The Dream

Iron Horse Therapeutic Farm has been a long term dream of owner Taneal Behm and her family. In her younger years, Taneal was given the poem "Iron Horse". After reading this poem the dream of creating a facility where those who experience life from a chair or in a limited capacity could experience life from the back of a horse. 

Since opening the clinic Integrated Pediatric Therapy Associates Taneal has been doing occupational therapy using equine movement at another boarding facility. When the program started to outgrow the facility we began looking for our own to fulfill Taneal's dream. 

Property Development

In June of 2020 we purchased the property that is now home to Iron Horse. What used to be a quaint horse property with three pens and two pastures is now home to 9 pens, a therapy trail, and a large pasture. Through the summer and fall of 2020 we worked diligently to build onto the existing property getting it therapy ready. This included building 6 new runs, a hay shed, relaying the driveway and the additional parking lot, building an ADA accessible bathroom, and completely transforming the shop into a therapy barn and tack room. 

This process would not have been possible without all our lovely staff and volunteers that helped us along the way. 

Future Expansion

Our growth is not done here, we still have more lives to change. In order to do that we need to move out of the shop that we turned into a therapy center and into an indoor riding arena, office, and treatment space. Colorado sure likes to make things interesting and while we are tough enough to survive many Colorado summers and winters it's time to move into an indoor space. We have started the process to build a 200x150 ft indoor space on our current property. 

If you would like to be a part of this expansion please email [email protected].

Iron Horse by Tina Cocker Bastien

Love came softly

Lowered its head

I couldn't run away from you

So I reached for you instead

There you stood

Over fifteen hands high

My heart was pounding, I couldn't breath

I thought I was going to die

Never could I have imagined

Not in my wildest dreams

This place, this horse, this moment in time

No matter how real it seems

To come face to face with my fantasy

To once again feel whole

To look into your eyes and realize

The depth of my own soul

As I touched your mane

You stole my heart

I suddenly understood

If anything were to get me out of this chair

This palomino could

This iron horse beneath me

I had come to know too well

The memory of what put me here

My private living hell

It didn't seem to matter to you

That I could never walk by your side

As you graze in the meadow or walk to the barn

After a long day's ride

You stood so still, so patiently

As they lifted me out of my chair

I couldn't climb onto your back by myself

But you didn't seem to care

Priceless is the freedom

God gave to me that day

As I took the reins of this

beautiful gelding

And slowly rode away

If only for a little while

I could forget what had

happened to me

For I had traded in my Iron Horse

for one that would set me free