Iron​​ H​orse ​The​rapeutic Farm


Occupational and Music Therapy at Iron Horse 

Iron Horse is happy to be partnered with Integrated Pediatric Therapy Associates to provide therapy to pediatrics and mobility limited adults in Northern Colorado.  We happily accept most medical insurances including Colorado Medicaid, see a full list of our insurances accepted and get started as a patient with these links. 

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Occupational Therapy usi​ng Equine Movement

Hippotherapy is the process of using the movement of the horse as a therapeutic intervention. Our program is designed to provide several benefits to our riders including; physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive, communication, and social skills through our equine-assisted activities. Utilizing the natural gait of the horse can help address body and spatial awareness, motor planning, balance, and coordination skills. We offer our services to a wide variety of abilities and diagnoses utilizing the amazing benefits of equine movement as a treatment modality. We believe in enhancing individual connection to nature and animals to increase their overall well-being.

Farm based Occupational Therapy

In farm therapy, we teach kids life skills utilizing the therapeutic use of animals. Our curriculum works on teaching safety, work ethic, teamwork, and time and money management. Other areas include problem-solving, regulation skills, and basic animal care/knowledge while using the natural environment to generalize in-clinic skills.

Music Therapy using Equine Movement

We are lucky to provide music therapy through Elevate Music Therapy, a part of IPTA. Music Therapy using Equine Movement combines horseback riding with music-based interventions to create a highly motivating, sensory environment. This service consists of an occupational therapist and music therapist working together with a child and using music to target improved attention, reduced anxiety, increased motivation for communication, and increased social interactions.

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Other Services Offered at Iron Horse

Unique Services of Northern Colorado 

USONC is a contract company with the state Department of Rehabilitation Services of DVR. We are very blessed to be a job placement site for USONC and have their employees help us here on the farm. They are a pivotal role in helping us keep our farm running smoothly. 

Better People Care

We are delighted to provide a space for the friends at Better People Care to enjoy our farm. Better People Care LLC, is a practice of Certified Dementia Practitioners and licensed Occupational Therapists providing home and community-based direct-service therapy and rehabilitation for folks and care partners who wish to remain as safe, satisfied, and healthy during the seasons of change that the aging process brings. Our care is personalized, highly skilled, and person centered while considering the context and the landscape of a person’s life.

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